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Fun Coloring Book -
Become a K-Pop Star!

Draw and color your
own characters
Free Download
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See Korean Culture,
Famous Places,
Korean Art,
Korean Performances
from this Book
with Beautiful Images
(on Amazon)

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Learn Korean with these Great books and Enjoy K-Pop!
For All Levels Including Beginners to Advanced (on Amazon)

Have you been struggling to find time and extra energy to learn Korean? This book's been made in a way that's very succinct and applicable without being too cumbersome for the learner. It teaches you practical applicable Korean language skills that can be put to use right away so the reader can communicate better in Korean. The pronunciation and the methods it uses are, in our humble opinion, straight to the point and allows you to speak and be understood in a time saving manner. Great if you are trying to learn to speak and write Korean fast with a book that you can keep. PLUS it's a great learning book on Korean numbers, PLUS it has Korean manuscript paper you can practice on too, which are both usually available separately. Save money and save time with this book!

Korean alphabet and numbers for kpopboston website 8.12.22.png

There are 4 different styles of Korean numbers.
Their use cases are different each and every time and this book makes it all much more clearer and easier for you to know the correct spellings, correct way the words sound, including how to use specific number styles for specific situations. It's got helpful charts that shows you all number styles from 1 - 1000, and has many helpful tips and time saving ways to learn which Korean words can be used when you find yourself being in specific situations. It's a great informative book for those that are wanting to really learn the language, or have been getting confused when trying to learn Korean numbers. It's a handy book to learn from and this book is highly recommended.

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