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Learn Korean with these Great books and Enjoy K-Pop!
For All Levels Including Beginners to Advanced (on Amazon)
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There are 4 different styles of Korean numbers.
Their use cases are different each and every time and this book makes it all much more clearer and easier for you to know the correct spellings, correct way the words sound, including how to use specific number styles for specific situations. It's got helpful charts that shows you all number styles from 1 - 1000, and has many helpful tips and time saving ways to learn which Korean words can be used when you find yourself being in specific situations. It's a great informative book for those that are wanting to really learn the language, or have been getting confused when trying to learn Korean numbers. It's a handy book to learn from and this book is highly recommended.

My Essential Korean Numbers Book Aj Corea Uploaded to Wix 8 12 22.png

 Korean Culture & Korean Art Book

Embark on a visual sojourn through the enchanting landscapes and cultural wonders of Korea with our special picture-only book. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Korean culture, capturing timeless traditions. Indulge your senses in a feast of flavors as you explore the diverse realms of Korean cuisine:

  • Sizzling street food

  • Exquisite royal delicacies

  • Navigate through iconic tourist spots, each frame a window into Korea's rich heritage

  • Ancient masterpieces

  • Captivating contemporary expressions

Korea Art and Culture Book Inside Cover Bibimbap.png

"Unlock Your Korean Language Journey with Ease!
Tired of the usual language-learning grind? This book is your shortcut to mastering Korean language skills.
Say goodbye to cumbersome methods and hello to clear communication.

🌟 Why Choose THIS Book?
  •    Dive deep into Korean numbers.  
  •    Learn and apply Korean instantly.
  •    Straightforward methods (for alphabet & numbers).
  •    Be understood by Koreans.
  •    Perfect for learners of the Korean language.
  •    Keep it as your go-to reference.
  •    Get Korean manuscript paper for practice.
  •    Save both money & time on separate resources.

Korean alphabet and numbers for kpopboston website 8.12.22.png

About  K-Pop

What Is K-Pop?

K-pop, short for Korean popular music, is a genre originating from South Korea. It encompasses various influences like hip-hop, electronic dance, jazz, and rock. K-pop groups, featuring members ranging from very young age to about 21, undergo rigorous training before making their live debut. K-pop is a part of the "Korean Wave" or Hallyu, signifying the global popularity of Korean pop culture.

A Brief History of Modern K-Pop

Modern K-pop emerged in the '90s with Seo Taiji and the Boys, whose breakout track, "I Know," blended American New Jack Swing with contemporary pop. This paved the way for Idol Culture, inspiring bands like H.O.T., Baby Vox, and g.o.d. In the 2000s, K-pop went international, with groups like Big Bang and the monumental success of BTS.

What Are the Characteristics of K-Pop?

K-pop is known for large groups, a hybrid sound combining traditional Korean elements with Western influences, unique styles, systematic training for aspiring idols, and extensive choreography, often showcased in dance routines.

What Does K-Pop Sound Like?

K-pop boasts catchy beats, hooks, rapping, and dance breaks. Lyrics are usually in Korean, though some groups incorporate English. Genres range from upbeat melodies to jazzy ballads, reflecting the diversity within the genre.

K-Pop Artists (& there's much more!)

  • Blackpink: Blends hip-hop, trap, and EDM, topping charts globally.

  • BTS: Achieved worldwide success, known for emotional and personal lyrics.

  • Exo: Integrates pop, hip-hop, and house music, achieving global success.

  • Girls’ Generation: Varied sound, described as electropop meets bubblegum pop.

  • Psy: Popular for "Gangnam Style," featuring humor and satire.

  • Red Velvet: Mixes jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and electronic sounds.

  • Seo Taiji and Boys: Early pioneers with an experimental Western sound.

  • SHINee: Known for contemporary R&B and dance routines.

  • Super Junior: Versatile sound, from pop to percussion and electronic.

  • Wonder Girls: Retro style, featuring sounds from the 1960s to 1980s.

  • NewJeans: "Fastest K-pop act to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify" (2023)


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